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Master Agreement Signing of PPP Project

18 August 2017

On 18 August 2017 at IIGF Office Building Capital Place, Jakarta, Ministry of Finance represented by the Directorate General of Financing and Risk Management has held signing ceremony of two Mother Agreements, for Sidoarjo Barat Hospital Project (RS) Sidoarjo Barat and PPP Project Water Supply System (SPAM) Pekanbaru City.

Present at this event representatives of Contracting Agency, namely the Government of Sidoarjo and Sidoarjo Regency, and Pekanbaru City Government and PDAM Pekanbaru City. In addition, there were representatives of the Joint Office of PPP, including the Ministry of National Development Planning, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Government Procurement Policy Institution, and the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM).

The Master Deal is an agreement signed by the Minister of Finance c.q. The Director General of Financing and Risk Management as the Facility Provider and Contracting Agency as the Facility receiver, which contains the basic principles and provisions on the provision and implementation of Facilities which must be obeyed by the Contracting Agency
as a consequence of the receipt of the Facility Application.

The Master Deal of KPBU Project of West Sidoarjo Hospital was signed by the Director General of Risk and Regent Management of Sidoarjo, while the Master Plan of SPB Kota Pekanbaru was signed by the Director General of Risk Management and Risk and Director of PDAM Kota Pekanbaru as Contracting Agency.