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Corporate Governance

As a State Owned Enterprise, Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund / IIGF are consistent with a strong commitment to manage business and operational activities with the standard practice of Good Corporate Governance (GCG). The implementation of good corporate governance practice believed to be an important element in building a good reputation and credibility as an Infrastructure Guarantee Business Entity.

In order to strengthen the role and responsibilities of Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners, as well as to increase the information transparency and accountability; the implementation of GCG will support business process and decision-making as a check and balance mechanism. With the result of GCG implementation, IIGF will be able to drive a long term corporate performance and establish trust between company and stakeholders as of to operate and grow sustainably.

The implementation of IIGF Good Corporate Governance is guided by transparency, independence, accountability, fairness, and accountability principles . IIGF is fully committed in implementing good corporate governance at all levels and organizations based on various terms and conditions associated with the implementation of GCG by Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners.

The existence of Audit Committee as a supporting organs of Board of Commissioners plays an important role in improving organisational oversight function effectiveness by Board of Directors.

In 2006, IIGF has published supporting documents of GCG based on Indonesia Code of Corporate Governance by National Governance Policy Committee and applicaple regulation as follows:

  1. Code of Conduct as guidelines for corporate behaviour in performing daily duties and dealing with stakeholders.

  2. Board Manual as references that regulate the relationship mechanism between General Meeting of Shareholders as a corporate governance organs, Board of Commissioners, and Board of Directors and its supporting organs.

Click here to see Board Manual and Code of Conduct of IIGF.